About Us


West Harlem Arts Alliance (WHAA) is an arts service organization whose mission is to professionally resource and nurture the artists and arts organizations based in and serving West Harlem and facilitate and develop collaborations through partnerships with local business, educational, civic, and cultural organizations to support the arts in West Harlem.


West Harlem Arts Alliance will be a dynamic and accessible organization providing resources and critical linkages to make West Harlem an active and vibrant arts hub that enhances the community’s quality of life and raises and broadens participation in the arts. WHAA will accomplish this by the following efforts:

  1. Nurture artists and arts organizations based in and serving West Harlem;
  2. Contribute to the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of West Harlem;
  3. Foster a greater understanding and an appreciation of the diversity and richness of the people and cultures in the context of the pluralism that characterizes West Harlem;
  4. Expose to the public the best artistic works of West Harlem artists, both contemporary and classical;
  5. Provide opportunities for emerging artists through workshops, performances, and exhibitions;
  6. Facilitate and develop artistic collaborations through partnerships with local business, educational, civic & cultural organizations to support the arts in West Harlem;
  7. Engage in activities to aid, support, and assist in efforts to provide low- and moderate-income residents of the West Harlem community with access to the arts; and
  8. Provide a forum for the development, production, and presentation of the arts.